P&M Invoicing & Management System

PMCLogic is a tool to easily and accurately calculate the amount of paint and materials used to repair and refinish a vehicle and generates an accurate invoice of those items.

PMCLogic is a management tool designed to easily and accurately calculate the amount of paint and materials used to repair and refinish a vehicle in order to return it to pre-accident condition. Information generated from this program can be used to:

Inventory Management

Better manage paint and material inventory and purchasing

Accurate Job Costing

Provide accurate job costing for each vehicle repaired


Create a paint and material estimate and invoice

Don’t be underpaid for your work!

We at ComputerLogic understand that the rate for paint and materials is rising and insurance allowances are stagnant, so we are here to help you not be underpaid for your work.

PMCLogic is not only an invoicing system, but can also help with estimating and inventory control allowing you to invest back into your business’ success.

  • Automated
    • Our team will connect PMCLogic with your estimating system! (CCC, Audatex, Mitchell, etc.)
    • Options for automatic printing and emailing of your finished invoice.
  • Precise
    • Detailed invoicing based off of parts and body style instead of refinishing hours.
    • We have templates for every process and repair!
  • Personalized
    • We customize PMCLogic for your business. Our extensive program has the ability to set your markup, materials, paint brand, and so much more!
    • Reports are generated based upon your data and can show your progress and profitability margins.