From our early years in the late 70’s of providing turnkey, supply chain management solutions for automotive parts stores and warehouses to today’s products that streamline and automate procurement processes, ComputerLogic distinguishes itself from other computer companies by providing a total end-to-end IT solution. ComputerLogic leads the way in developing and engineering business products that enable automated communications, data exchange, and full electronic commerce between Automotive Paint and Refinish Supply manufacturers, suppliers, and repair shops within the collision repair industry.

In order to be competitive, paint and refinish supply manufacturers and suppliers continue to face intense pressures to improve services and reduce costs. This is where ComputerLogic helps. We understand the future of knowledge management and transaction processing. We have developed an “open architecture” communication platform that enables participants to seamlessly conduct business transactions in a secure environment across the Internet. We understand security issues. We understand the importance of data mining and warehousing. When it comes to electronic commerce – ComputerLogic “gets it”!

ComputerLogic products enable manufacturers, suppliers, and repairers to transmit information between trading partners, unencumbered by proprietary formats. This makes accessing and sending information between trading partners readily available and simple. And this is why growing companies turn to ComputerLogic.



PMCLogic is a tool designed to efficiently calculate the amount of paint and materials used to repair and refinish a vehicle and generates an accurate invoice of those items.



MixLogic allows a painter to quickly retrieve the proper paint formula, mix the ingredients, and document the final mixed product.



SupplyLogic helps you automatically track and reorder the items used in the repair and refinish of a damaged vehicle.



LinkLogic is our internal informational gateway that allows for the flow and access of information between applications.



DataLogic is our secure data warehousing  and analyzation database where customized reports are created and run based upon your use of our applications.