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Beginning in the early 1990s, the biggest cost related problem facing the collision repair industry was the lack of shared communication capabilities among the three major estimating products (ADP®, CCC®, and Mitchell®). Furthermore, a major contributing factor to this problem was the absence of estimating management standards. Therefore, by the mid-1990s, collision industry leaders established a need for a voluntary membership organization to address the absence of standards and guidelines in estimating management and electronic commerce. Composed of member from all segments of collision repair, the Collision Industry Electronic Commerce Association (CIECA) was created to assist auto repair professionals in the use of information technology for electronic commerce.

CIECA Mission Statement: To facilitate the implementation of Electronic Commerce and provide a forum and methods to develop and maintain objective, unbiased, and uniform Electronic Commerce standards and guidelines that encourage open competition and free choice, and are in the best interest of all entities conducting business within the Collision Industry.

When the charter CIECA Board asked Rick Palmer, CEO and COO of ComputerLogic, to join the association in early 1994, he quickly accepted, foreseeing membership as an opportunity to work closely with other organizations that valued industry standards. As a result ComputerLogic officially joined CIECA in April of 1994 and attended the kick-off conference in May of the same year.

Since joining CIECA, ComputerLogic representatives have participated on several CIECA Action Teams, volunteer committees within the association formed to address specific industry standards issues. In addition ComputerLogic has helped determine, test and implement the CIECA hardware standards utilized by ADP, CCC, and Mitchell estimating systems.

In June 2000 the Chairman of the Board of CIECA, Floyd Morasch, announced that his fellow board members had elected Rick Palmer Secretary of the Corporation for CIECA. "Although Rick was just elected to the board recently, he has been very active in CIECA work for many years and is extremely well prepared for this important role," said Morasch. Rick Palmer then served as Treasurer for CIECA for calendar year 2001, and in 2002 he was elected Vice Chairman and Chair of the Operations Committee.

Improving and streamlining the business practices of the automotive services industry is the primary company goal of ComputerLogic. ComputerLogic has gained a unique and keen understanding of the problems and challenges facing all segments of the automotive industry (especially the vehicle repair market) through participation in industry association task forces, such as CIECA, and by working directly with thousands of parts distributors, repair facilities and a large number of leading international manufacturers of various products to this industry.

For more information about CIECA, please visit their website at www.cieca.com.